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Hands On Tokyo
Spring Charity Concert 2020

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Date: Thursday, March 5, 2020

Door Open: 18:00

Performance Starts: 18:45

Venue: Suntory Hall, Blue Rose
(Akasaka 1-13-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Participation Fee: 3000 yen


[ Performers ]

- Kyoko Takano and Her Friends -
Kyoko Takano(Vocal), Hikari Asamine(Vocal), 
Taro Motozono(Singer Song Writer), Marie Aoyagi(Pianist)

- noventanove-
 Minako Wada(Soprano), Kohdai Minoda(Shamisen),
Ryoji Tanaka(Shinobue), Ritsu Ono(Piano)

- Yoshihiro Koseki(Classical Guitarist))-

[ Opening Performance ]
RAYVEL from Dance Laboratory


[Schedule (tentative)]

18:00 : Tickets at the Reception Desk (at the entrance of Suntory Hall)

                Entrance Opens (Cloak at the hall lobby)

18:30: “Blue Rose” Door Opens

18:45 : Concert Starts


*1*100% of the proceeds from the concert will be used for our Tohoku Recovery Assistance Projects.

*Children must be 6 years or older.

*All people, regardless of disability or not, will be able to enjoy our concert.

*Once payment is received, guests' names will be added to the guest list.  Tickets will not be mailed.

** Online Payment System for Tickets **

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Sponsor: British American Tobacco Japan, Ltd. 


[Hands On Tokyo Tohoku Project]

Hands On Tokyo has been continuing projects in Tohoku to meet the needs of the tsunami-afflicted area, mainly in Yamamoto-cho and Ogatsu, Miyagi prefecture, since right after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. Eight years after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami, the situation in the afflicted area has changed significantly. The debris has been removed and new buildings have started to be built. However on the other hand, there are still thousands of people who continue to live in temporary residences. We cannot forget the disaster. Hands On Tokyo is doing everything it can to continue supporting Tohoku.